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Suya Spice (300 g) - Natures Best

Spicy, savory, suya

Suya is a spicy kebab dish commonly served as street food in Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. Suya can be made with beef, chicken, goat, or seafood and the special blend of spices used in seasoning the dish is the secret to its popularity. Suya Pepper by Natures Best provides the heat, flavor, and aroma of the best West African suya in a convenient spice blend. Don’t worry about tracking down hard to find African ingredients or getting the balance of spices just right: Suya Pepper ensures a delicious meal every time.

Although Suya Pepper is intended for seasoning suya, it can also be used in any dish for a dash of authentic African flavor or a twist on American favorites. The smoky heat of Suya spice lends itself well to being used in barbeque sauces and spice rubs. Try it as a dry rub on roast chicken or sprinkle it over grilled veggies at your next cookout!

Note: Product of Nigeria


Groundnuts, Chilli Pepper, Spices, Salt.