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Kalaba chalk - Choice Tropical

kalaba chalk (calabar chalk) also known as nzu or Kaolin clay is consumed in Nigeria and other western African Culture for pleasure and by pregnant women. It is also well known for its skin benefits. Kalaba chalk is now one of the major ingredients in many skin care products due to its high amount of silica. when used as a skin mask, it can help remove dead skin and help regenerate new ones. This Kalaba chalk is perfect for a home made detoxifying face mask.

kalaba chalk is also known as Calabash Clay, Poto, Calabar Stone, Ndom, Mabele, Argile or La Craie. 

By Choice Tropical. Product of Cote D'ivoire

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is this kalaba chalk all natural?
Answer: yes this kalaba chalk is all natural. It doesn't have any added salt, additives or preservatives.
Question:What else can you use kalaba chalk for?
Answer: kalaba chalk can be used to make home made face and hair mask, home made toothpaste, homemade soap and home made deodorant. Most companies that charge a lot of money for their face mask use calabar chalk (kloin clay).

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It crunchy, smoky and so earthy. It really gummy though. Just wish you guys will sell other kinds of chalk too.

Rosemary Afoakwa

Best Chalk Ever

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I was looking for a face mask to use that had clay. i was even considering calling someone back home to send to me. This is much better than the ones they sell in the store. I will definitely be buying some more.

Danielle Chibuye

It Was Soooooo Good