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Ground Uziza spice 4 OZ

Ground Uziza spice 4 OZ - Motherlands Finest

Carefully selected, ground and then bottled for easy access, ‘Uziza’ is a West African species of Piper, that is famous for its multiple uses, ranging from medicinal to dietary, including insecticidal and culinary. This spectacular spice plays an important role in Nigerian, Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisines who respectively use it to add flavor to soups, to fusion dishes and sauces, and as an ingredient in the Berbere spice mix. Quite spicier than the leaves, but with the same properties, the grounded version is favored particularly for its medicinal properties including but not limited to treating and fighting intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, dysentery, and nausea. The unique flavor it lends to your soup is the icing on it. Try it out to see for yourself!

  • Berries or fruit of pipper guineense
  • Healthy for the body
  • spicier than Uziza leaves