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Cameroun Ground pepper 4 OZ

Cameroun Ground pepper 4 OZ - Motherlands Finest

Commonly added to soups, stews or seasoning for meat before cooking, the Cameroon black pepper is very appreciated by those in search of an African joyful heat that lingers bitingly at the back of their throat. Also known as Penja black peppercorns, it’s a fiery aromatic form of chili powder, grown in the rich volcanic soil of Penja Valley in Cameroon. Considered to be among the world's best peppercorns, it is known for the soft yet hot flavor and refined aroma with delicate musk it creates in your mouth. Try Penja pepper for some variety to your cooking.

  • No chemicals are used in the growing, processing or post-harvest processes
  • Real hot pepper grains
  • Stored preferably in a cold dry place