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African Fried Rice Seasoning 4 OZ

African Fried Rice Seasoning 4 OZ - Motherlands Finest

If you are big on restaurant fried rice but can only get it when you eat out, or you are worried about your calories intake at the restaurant, consider this condiment like us bringing the secret of the chef's restaurant to your home. It will give you the flavor those other recipes are missing and the healthiness your restaurant-made fried rice won't give you. Indeed, making your own fried rice at home will allow you to control the level of sodium and fats intake henceforth help you control your calories; so you can still enjoy some delicious food while keeping your ideal body shape. The naturally composition of this condiment will make your rice taste like heaven. Now you will be able to enjoy your favorite rice, not only in the restaurant but also in the comfort of your own home.