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African Ankara Ready To Wear Head Wrap

Ankara ready-to- wear headwraps Colorful Ankara (African prints) fabrics, made for all the extraordinary women. Light, easy to wear and elegant on any look. They come with matching earrings to help you stand out. The eclectic headwraps are one size-fit- all accessories, thanks to their stretchy edges. They can be worn in a variety of occasions, from regular to special ones. Earn yourself that “waooh-look” by adding a touch of Africa to your style through the Ankara headwraps and their spherical matching earrings.
  • Pigmented red, blue, and white board pattern
  • Hand Made
  • Commonly known as “African prints”, “Holland wax” and “Dutch wax”,
  • 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns
  • Made through a wax-resist dyeing technique called batik