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About us

It started with a love for fashion and became much more.

Throughout my stay in the U.S, I have constantly been asked by my friends (Africans and non-Africans) where to get African clothes of the type that I usually wear. My answer has always been the same: “I have them sewn by family in Africa and shipped to me” and I go on talking about how pricey that usually ends up being. This common question motivated me to find a better answer. In late 2015, some friends and I, with less than $1000 in savings and no business experience, decided to establish a platform for the distribution of African outfits; Motherlands Finest was born.

While setting up the business and getting ideas from other friends, we learned that this problem goes deeper than just a few people looking for African clothes. We’ve been contacted by people in cities with no access to any African food or beauty products. Luckily we were able to collaborate with a local African food store here in Iowa to put their limited inventory online in order to satisfy the existing demand. We also invested in some African beauty products like our bestselling African black soap and shea butter.

The goal was to reinvest the profits and expand our inventory to include fashion, food, and beauty products from all parts of Africa. That plan is working. We are very grateful to be working with companies like Alafia and Totonga Bomoi who have allowed us to distribute their products and help meet the increasingly high demand here in the U.S. These companies have also inspired us to operate Motherland’s Finest for the betterment of our people and our continent because Motherland’s Finest is grounded in fair trade that brings decent wages to hundreds of African artisans.

Why Servants of Africa?

Starting Motherland’s Finest has been an incredibly humbling experience. We are now in a position to serve both our customers and the African continent. You might be wondering how we can serve one of the biggest continents in the world. Well, I’ll tell you. Africa has a lot of cool stuff ranging from handmade clothes to natural beauty products that we know people will love. If we can get those things to the people who want them, we will be serving both our customers and the African continent by bringing income to the artisans who tirelessly and carefully make this items, thereby giving a boost to the economy of Africa.

To further reinforce our local presence and impact, we’re willing to collaborate with individuals bloggers and small businesses like ourselves on content creation and product distribution. Contact us if you are one such individual or entity. Also, check out our blog ( that paints the Motherland from various cultural perspectives. And because you mean the world to us, we care about your feedback; so feel free to leave your comments and “likes” on our Facebook page and Instagram below.

MotherlandsFinest, serving is what we do best!