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Dawadawa 2 OZ - Choice Tropical

Dawadawa 2 OZ - Choice Tropical - Motherlands Finest

Dawadawa is a condiment used widely in West Africa.

Dawadawa is mainly used as a flavor enhancer in a variety of meals in Africa. In Nigeria, it is known as "ogiri" by the Igbo tribe, and "iru" by the Yoruba tribe. Dawadawa is said to be a natural and healthier alternative, to many of the other flavor enhancers, found in the African kitchen. It is known for its many health benefits and high nutritional value, including: protein, calcium, and iron. This particular Dawadawa, is made from locust beans and is fermented for days, and it is advised to use little of it since it has a pungent smell.

By Choice Tropical.

Ingredients:  Locust beans.